Thursday, January 23, 2014


St. Francois de Sales used to say, "I hear of nothing but perfection on every side, so far as talk goes; but I see very few people who really practice it.  Everybody has his own notion of perfection.  One man thinks it lies in the cut of his clothes, another in fasting, a third in almsgiving, or in frequenting the Sacraments, in meditation, in some special gift of contemplation, or in extraordinary gifts or graces -- but they are all mistaken, as it seems to me, because they confuse the means, or the results, with the end and the cause.
     "For my part, the only perfection I know of is a hearty love of God, and to love one's neighbor as oneself.  Charity is the only virtue which rightly unites us to God and man.  Such union is our final aim and end, and all the rest is mere delusion."
-Jean Pierre Camus

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