Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Costa Rica................................

Casual observers of this blog may have figured out that our family recently spent a week in Costa Rica.  The occasion was the wedding of my wife's best friend's daughter.  They thought it would be nice if 125 of their closest friends spent a week together celebrating life before celebrating the wedding.  They were right.  In planning the event, the nearly newly weds learned that if they wanted a really good band for their reception, they should bring one with them.  So they did.  Ryan Tennis and The Clubhouse Band, true sons of Philadelphia, were enticed to make the trip.  All I can say is, that if you ever want a band to make you want to dance the night away, bring Ryan Tennis and his friends.  Only because of the wonder of the Intertunnel, you can watch the band work through one of their songs while sitting on their front porch just prior to the wedding.  Nice view, eh?

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