Friday, July 18, 2014

Samizdata tries to make sense of Britain's....

.............lack luster performance in recent (since 1966) World Cups, as opposed to the wondrous showings by the German side.  A wee sample:

"The superiority of German football culture over ours can be summed up as an obligation to always put the greater good over any individual needs, a philosophy that applies not only within the 11 players on the pitch but across every level of their game."

"Our sporting ineptitude is a symbol of our love of freedom and is something to be cherished. In future we should take pride in every stray pass, long ball, defensive mix-up and lack-lustre performance. It shows that we alone amongst the footballing nations honouring freedom, liberty and the individual above all other things, are prepared to let the single, solitary individual have his say, do his own thing and show the world what he can do: to try, to fail, to try again, to dare to be different."

Full essay is here.

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