Friday, August 29, 2014

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You know, straight across the board, hardly anyone really knows what is Indian.  The word Indian in itself really doesn't mean anything.   That's how come nobody knows anything about Indians.  So I want to tell you how I grew up and who I am.  I've never read books.  I wasn't educated that way.  What I am saying here is based on my life.  That's what I am telling you.  I grew up with this Chanunpa, this "Sacred Pipe," and I have a spirit guide with me all the time.  He leads me in and out of all the difficulties, all the obstacles I have to go through.  The spirit always finds a pathway.  The Chanunpa (Sacred Pipe) finds a pathway.  It's like a deer trail.  If you find a deer trail and follow that trail, it's going to lead you to medicines and waterholes and a shelter.
-Wallace Black Elk, Black Elk:  The Sacred Ways of a Lakota

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