Saturday, October 4, 2014

A few things to ponder..............................

"Every great civilization reaches a point of prosperity where it is possible to live your entire life as a pacifist without any serious consequences."
-Scott Locklin

"...Philip Jenkins, a prolific religious historian, who argues that the decline in 'the number and scale of controversial fringe sects' is both 'genuine and epochal,'and something that should worry more mainstream religious believers rather than comfort them. A wild fringe, he suggests, is often a sign of a healthy, vital center, and a religious culture that lacks for charismatic weirdos may lack 'a solid core of spiritual activism and inquiry' as well.
-Ross Douthat

"The human tendency for wishful thinking and the desire to avoid hard trade-offs are so common that it is dangerous for a prominent institution like the IMF to encourage free-lunch thinking."
-Greg Mankiw

“Things rarely turn out the way we expect. We never have everything covered. Life happens. Act accordingly. You have been warned.” 
-Robert Seawright

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