Thursday, October 2, 2014

How To Be More Intelligent 101.................

Full list here.  Wee parts of the process here:

4.  Reduce TV watching drastically. Talk, write, cook, listen to music, walk, shoot ball, hold hands...instead.

11.  Play with scale. Go smaller; consider the minutiae; go bigger: consider the landscape.

25.  Read the history of the Periodic Table.

50.  Struggle with the problem. Don’t give up. Clarify the problem. Research the problem. Then allow the problem to incubate for a while before returning to it. When you get that breakthrough you will have become smarter

60.  Switch off your phone in queues and watch, observe and think.

74.  Write down five stupid things you do. Go cold turkey and stop doing them now.

88.  Sharpen ten pencils. Now write on the issue until all need re-sharpening.

101.  Decide to be more intelligent at dusk than you were at dawn. Every day.

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