Sunday, December 21, 2014

near-vacant state.............................

      It was the 18th hole at Lundin Links, the end of my round with the "Fairway to Heaven" people.  Tim said nothing when he offered me his driver because this was our elected Silent Hole, when no one would speak from stepping onto the tee till we left the green.
      I noticed how silence intensified awareness - of my partners, of the light, the course gleaming like a reflective surface, so dried out it was, lying under a vast sky, by an impossible bright Firth of Forth.  Despite being brought up only ten miles away, I'd not played Lundin Links before.  It had been a revelation, a true championship course.  I knew again the sheer spacious naturalness of a links course, and the release and uplift that arises there.
      The 18th green shimmered palely in the distance by the clubhouse as I took out my driver for the last time.  Tired now, sore back, knees, legs, but I'd entered that happy, near-vacant state where there are no nerves and few thoughts left, and the golf flows easily.  A pleasing run of birdie and four pars;  I wanted just one more, then into the cool dim clubhouse to rest and talk with these interesting people.
-Andrew Greig,  Preferred Lies:  A Journey to the Heart of Scottish Golf

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