Saturday, December 6, 2014

Not so sure about this one......................

From The Economist's The World in 2015 issue comes the prediction of The return of nine-to-five.  Apparently, when in comes to the workplace, less will become more in 2015. No more late nights,  no more early mornings, no more weekends, no more working vacations.   Hmmm.  Maybe, but all that technology that has both vastly changed the nature of time and, theoretically anyway, made us more efficient, has demands of its own.  The essayist says:

"In the best companies Parkinson's Law will operate perfectly and work will contract to fit the time available."

Color me doubtful.

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  1. Color me doubtful too. The Economist is European. We are America god dammit. We'll work as long as we god damn please. Let the pussies over there do whatever. Not much that Europe does in the way of work-life has ever affected us. We have our treadmills and we will continue to wear out on them. E.