Friday, May 8, 2015

Opening paragraphs.....................

     The District Attorney for Bristol County has told the receptionist in the foyer of North American Group's main office on the 20th floor of 200 Federal Street in Boston that he had an appointment with Mr. Baldwin, and she smiled and asked him to have a seat.  The District Attorney was fifty-three years old and had his best suit on, a slubbed silk glen plaid with a muted red stripe he had had custom-tailored at Jason's, the best men's store in New Bedford.  His necktie was a Sulka repp stripe that had cost him forty dollars in New York, and he was wearing his Johnston and Murphy black tasseled loafers.  He was nonplussed when she asked him to sit down.  He glanced over his shoulder at the blue crushed velvet armchairs and three-cushion couch grouped around the glass coffee table, but did not move from in front of her desk.  He looked at his watch, a gold Audemar's Piguet that said 10:30, and spoke to the receptionist again.
-George V. Higgins,  Imposters

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