Friday, May 8, 2015

Real wealth...............................

Contrary to popular belief, food does not come from stores.  It comes from a process contingent upon "healthy topsoil, adequate water (preferably rainwater), sunlight, salubrious seasons and ... human intelligence."  We would do well not to forget that. 

Nature’s stock isn’t gold or any other symbol but, instead, available goods beginning and ending in what feeds us. There are other goods, certainly, but none as important as food (after which I would name, without ranking them, clothing, shelter, and fuel). If you aren’t being fed you’re not going to be distracted into an intellectual stupor by an electronic device, much less become a coal baron or a railroad tycoon and then, if luxury affords it, a philanthropist. You’re going to be a corpse with only the worms and grass and trees to thank you for your generosity. The fellowship of dust cares nothing about “texting” or donor intent.

-As excerpted from this post at the Front Door Republic

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