Sunday, July 26, 2015

It is the little things..............................

To admit that you begin the day planning to change the world certainly sounds grandiose, maybe even delusional.  Yet I believe that you do change the world every day, whether you intend to or not.  Often it only takes a small act to make a big difference.
    You change the world of your spouse or kids, depending on how you interact with them before you leave the home.  A little extra time and attention or a tender moment of affection changes their world for that day.  And it reminds you of what is important when the mad dash to the office irks you and makes you feel that the day is off to a rough start.
     You change the world of another driver when you allow her to change lanes abruptly without blaring your horn, recognizing that she, too, is human and fallible.  Of course, you alter her world in a different way if you blast your horn, yell, and gesture obscenely.
     You also change the world of a coworker, a customer, a vendor, or a cafeteria worker with your smile or your frown.
     No, these aren't dramatic changes.  They won't alter the course of world affairs or bring about a cure for AIDS.  But who's to say that these little changes don't have a cumulative, profound effect in the lives of others and, ultimately, in your own life?

-Mark Sanborn

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