Friday, February 12, 2016

On there and here......................

      Zemurray worked in the fields beside his engineers, planters, and machete men.  He was deep in the muck, sweat covered, swinging a blade.  He helped map the plantations, plant the rhizomes, clear the weeds, lay the track.  He was a proficient snake killer.  Taller than most of his workers, as strong and thin as a railroad spike, he shouted orders in dog Spanish.  He believed in the transcendent power of physical labor - that a man can free his soul only by exhausting his body.  A life in an office, deskbound, was for the feeble and weak who cut themselves off from the actual.  He ate outside - shark's fin soup, plantains, crab gumbo, sour wine.  His years in the jungle gave him experience rare in the trade.  Unlike most of his competitors, he understood every part of the business, from the executive suite where the stock was manipulated to the ripening room where the green fruit turned yellow.  He was contemptuous of banana men who spent their lives in the North, far from the plantations.  Those schmucks, what do they know?  They're there, we're here!

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