Tuesday, May 3, 2016


      Traveling doesn't make a man a doctor or a public speaker;  there isn't a single art which is acquired merely by being in one place rather than another.  Can wisdom, then, the greatest art of all, be picked up in the course of taking a trip?  Take my word for it, the trip doesn't exist that can set you beyond the reach of cravings, fits of temper, or fears.  If it did, the human race would be off there in a body.  So long as you carry the sources of your troubles about with you, those troubles will continue to harass and plague you wherever you wander on land or on sea.  Does it surprise you that running away doesn't do you any good?  The things you are running away from are with you all the time.

-Seneca, Letter CIV, Letters from a Stoic

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