Sunday, August 7, 2016

We should all remember.............

......that a biased press is an integral part of our grand history:

     The Adams press did not cede the low ground to the Telegraph or the Franklin Gazette.   Charles Hammond, of the Cincinnati Gazette, brought out a special journal, Truth's Advocate and Monthly Anti-Jackson Expositor, to publish only malicious material on the Democratic candidate.  The pro-administration press had made hay from the discovery that Jackson had ordered six militia men court-martialed and executed during the Creek War.  John Binns of the Democratic Press had the inspired idea of printing up a black-bordered handbills with the names of the six men, and below them, six coffins; a mournful bit of doggerel recalled "Those shrieks!  That cry of Death!" when the men were shot.  The "Coffin Hand Bill" was widely circulated and probably did a good deal more damage than had the samples of Jackson's mangled prose - though the truth was that the six men had mutinied, broke into the commissary, and deserted.  No prior election in American history had begun to approach the campaign of 1828 for sheer vileness and dishonesty;  it would be hard to say which side sunk lower.

-James Traub,  John Quincy Adams:  Militant Spirit.  The result of the election of 1828 was that Andrew Jackson denied John Quincy Adams's re-election bid.

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