Thursday, September 29, 2016

Making experiences.........Part 3

To some degree we will rely on the filters to tell us what we want.  Not as slave masters, but as a mirror.  We'll listen to the suggestions and recommendations that are generated by our own behavior in order to hear, to see who we are.  The hundred million lines of code running on the million servers of the intercloud are filtering, filtering, filtering, helping us to distill ourselves to a unique point, to optimize our personality.  The fears that technology will make us more uniform, more commoditized are incorrect.  The more we are personalized, the easier it is for the filters because we become distinct, and acutalized distinction they can reckon with.  At its heart, the modern economy runs on distinction and the power of differences - which can be accentuated by filters and technology.  We can use the mass filtering that is coming to sharpen who we are, for the personalization of our own person.
     More filtering is inevitable because we can't stop making new things.  Chief among the new things we will make are new ways to filter and personalize, to make us  more like ourselves.

-Kevin Kelly,  The Inevitable

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