Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some thoughts on "free" trade.....

"Much of what goes on in the modern age requires people to deny observable reality."

"We have so-called free trade with Mexico. The result was not trade in the way normal people think of it. What happened was dirty US manufacturers located their plants to Mexico. Companies looking to game the labor laws followed soon after. Mexico is not selling us more stuff and buying more of our stuff. Mexico is just a loophole in US labor and environmental laws."

"A good rule of life is that anytime a well understood word suddenly gets a modifier, you know a caper is afoot. Trade is something people always understood. One group of people trades their excess for the excess of another group of people. Mexico sends Canada sombreros, while the Canadians send Mexico beaver hats. Free-trade is something else entirely. It is a collection of loopholes, so well-connected industries can get all the benefits of the state, but shift the costs onto others. Those cost are often quite high."

-quotes culled from this, The High Cost of Free Trade, post

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  1. Companies looking to maximize profit are "dirty" and freedom (of trade in this case) is a loophole; making this writer more socialist than the government of China.