Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Deacon and Arnold Palmer

I've always had a fairly easygoing disposition.  But in my younger days would wouldn't have known it if you'd seem me on the golf course.  Something significant happened to me in 1946 that really changed how I went about my business on the golf course.
     My mother and father were on hand to watch my match in the West Penn Junior finals.  At one juncture I missed a short putt, something that infuriated me.  (It still does.)  In frustration, I flung my putter in disgust over the gallery and some small trees.  I won the title, but you wouldn't have known it on the car ride home.  I was met with stone silence.  Finally, my father spoke up.  "If you ever throw a club like that again, you'll never play in another golf tournament."
     I knew he was serious.  To Pap, there was nothing worse than a poor loser - except being an ungracious winner. ... I never threw another club again.

-Arnold Palmer,  A Life Well Played:  My Stories

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