Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sorry, not sorry......................

Sorry, not sorry. A neologism which I hear young people use frequently, and now people my age are adopting.  It's a great phrase.  People want you to be sorry for something you did, you feel you're in the right.  Sorry, not sorry.

 "Safe Spaces" aren't about knowledge.  They are about being thin-skinned and unwilling to think.  

... life means we're free to be offended.  We're not free from being offended.  We're free to be heard.  We're not free to force people to listen.  If my tone offends you, if it causes you to discount what I have to say, if it causes you any kind of problem, well, it's your right to feel that way.  Good luck with that.

-three wee excerpts culled from this Maggie's Farm essay.   Read the whole thing.

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  1. I did. Excellent. It's a keeper. An antidote to people-pleasing, which I am inclined to do, even at this late date. Thanks. E.