Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On government-centricism..................

     Last week, the Congress of the United States, this time under Republicans - not that you can tell the difference - passed a health care bill that no one had read, was not scored by the Congressional Budget Office, and was debated for a grand total of three hours.  This is what you get when you live in a society that is increasingly government-centric.  I was going to bring you the Senate immigration bill from 2008, but it's too heavy - 1,197 pages.   It has to be big because the senators know everything.
    They know for example -it's in the bill - that the proper 2016 hourly wage of an immigrant animal sorter is $8.94, 20 cents more than the proper wage, according to the United States Senate, of an immigrant nursery worker.  They don't need markets to tell them - they just know these things.  The immigration bill, by the way, said that Nevada is a border state.  If you believe your lying eyes, it tells you that the southern tip of Nevada is 164 miles north of the border.  But, because Harry Reid of the great state of Nevada was the majority leader, and he wanted Nevada to be eligible for some of the 20 billion  more dollars in border pork, they just declared it a border state.
     The danger is that the more we interfere with the voluntary, spontaneous order of a free society, and a free world order, the more we consign ourselves to slow growth.  And the more we consign ourselves to slow growth, the more we consign ourselves to serious consequences.

- George Will, as culled from this July, 2017 speech

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