Saturday, January 13, 2018

Why and what...........................?

     Many people at the time of the September crisis thought they were only giving away the interests of Czechoslovakia, but with every month that passes you will see that they were also giving away the interests of Britain, and the interests of peace and justice.  Now I have defended this speech which has been attacked, and I say never did I make a truer statement to Parliament.  Practically everything that I said has already been proved true.  And who are these people who go about saying that even if it were true, why state the facts?  I reply, why mislead the nation?  What is the use of Parliament if it is not the place where true statements can be brought before the people?  What is the use of sending Members to the House of Commons who say just the popular things of the moment, and merely endeavor to give satisfaction to Government Whips by cheering loudly every Ministerial platitude, and by walking through the Lobbies oblivious of the criticisms they hear?  People talk about our Parliamentary institutions and Parliamentary democracy; but if these are to survive it will not be because the Constituencies return tame, docile, subservient Members, and try to stamp out every form of independent judgment.

-Winston Churchill, from a March, 1939 speech

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