Saturday, March 17, 2018

Who am I to argue with science........

     A decade ago, the government of Spain took a step that seemed distinctly un-Spanish:  It officially eliminated the siesta.  For centuries, Spaniards had enjoyed an afternoon respite, often returning home to eat a meal with their family and even snag a quick sleep.  But Spain, its economy sluggish, was determined to reckon with twenty-first-century realities.  With two parents working, and globalization tightening competition worldwide, this lovely practice was stifling Spanish prosperity.  Americans applauded the move.  Spain was finally treating work with sufficient, and sufficiently puritanical, seriousness.  At last, Old Europe was becoming modern.
     But what if this now-eliminated practice was actually a stroke of genius, less an indulgent relic than a productivity-boosting innovation?
      In this chapter, we've seen that breaks matter - that even little ones can make a big difference.  Restorative breaks enhance performance.  Lunches and naps help us elude the trough and bet more and better work done in the afternoon.  A growing body of science makes it clear:  Breaks are not a sign of sloth but a sign of strength.

-Daniel Pink,  When:  The Scientific Secrets Of Perfect Timing

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