Thursday, May 3, 2018

Going up...............................

        We placed the order for our elevator with Otis (and paid a 50% + deposit) about four months ago.   The timing on this worked out pretty well.  About a week after the shaft was completed, Otis called to make arrangements for the deliver of the elevator.  It looked something like this:

Delivery day for the elevator

One of their requirements was a lot of space to work it

The elevator came with the note, "some assembly required"

First thing the technicians did was install this little winch motor.   It is not part
of the elevator, but by running a cable from the winch to the metal beam we
installed at the tippy-top of the shaft, the technicians created a handy device
for lifting the parts of the elevator into place

The control panel

More control panel

Control panel up top, and if I remember correctly, the
canister for the hydraulic fluid at the bottom

The guide rail, from the top

The guide rail, from the bottom

installing the hydraulic jack

Hydraulic fluid pump

Guide rail and hydraulic jack.  The way it works is the top
of the car is connected to the top of the hydraulic jack.  As
the jack goes up, or down, it carries the car along with it

The pit, about finished, waiting for the car to be built

Building the car.  Floor first

sidewalls next

Finally the car ceiling

Technicians working their magic

The Otis installers are almost done.  Next step is for the masons to finish
by closing up the shaft

Rough install complete.  Awaiting the fine tuning technician,
and the final floor touches.

More on the conversion of the Old School into 29 apartment units may be found here.

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