Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The shaft...............................

    Adding an elevator to the Old School was always part of the plan.   While school buildings tend to have wide corridors and staircases, three stories is a lot of stair climbing.  We deemed the expense of providing an elevator absolutely necessary for the success of the project.   The early, early architectural plans called for the elevator shaft to be constructed within the building proper.  For a number of reasons, I vetoed that idea.  We consulted the historical people and submitted new drawings showing the elevator shaft on the outside of the building.  Along with the drawings we submitted a sample of the exterior block.  It was a close a match in color as we could find.  Fortunately, the historical folks consented.  The addition of the elevator shaft will be the only structural change to the outside of the classic building.  Otis Elevator will be installing the elevator car once the shaft is completed.  Their specifications for the shaft were exacting.  This is one part of the project that has no margin for error.   It is no accident that the masonry crew had previous elevator shaft construction experience.

First comes the footer and foundation

Walls need to be cut to provide access from the elevator
shaft (and elevator) to each of the floors

New lintel over the newly cut ground floor opening

Walls have been saw cut.  Now waiting for the third
floor lintel to be installed

Third floor lintel being installed

Openings cut, lintels set.  Ready for the shaft

Block laying commences

Must be break time

This is what progress looks like

The right equipment helps

Almost done

The Otis elevator people gave firm instructions for the
installation of a steel beam at the tippy top of the shaft

Shaft isn't complete until its roof goes on

The finished product

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