Saturday, January 4, 2020

Tom Paine was an interesting man.........

Whether that state that is proudly, perhaps erroneously, called civilization, has most promoted, or most injured, the general happiness of man, is a question that may be strongly contested. –On one side, the spectator is dazzled by splendid appearances; on the other he is shocked by extremes of wretchedness; both of which he has erected. The most affluent and the most miserable of the human race are to be found in the countries that are called civilized. 

-Thomas Paine, from his essay, AGRARIAN JUSTICE:  OPPOSED TO AGRARIAN LAW,AND TO AGRARIAN MONOPOLY BEINGA Plan for meliorating the Condition of Man, in which he offers a plan to make God's creation happy.  The view here from the cheap seats is that the "general happiness of man" is beyond the capacity of the State.  Your results may vary.

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