Sunday, May 24, 2020

just snugly enough......................

First, all grapes need trellises if they are to bear much fruit, and there are may ways to build a trellis, depending on the variety of grape and the growing conditions.  After all, not all grapes are alike;  they need different kinds of support.  Creating a rule of life is like that:  what liberates one person may constrict another.
     Likewise, what serves me well at this stage of my life would have been quite wrong, even damaging, for me as a twenty-year old.  From my viticulture book I also learned that growers of grapes know that the vine must not be tied too tightly to the trellis, but just snugly enough so that it is supported and free to flourish.  Like the vines, we too need to be supported but not constricted, held up but not rendered immobile.

-Margaret Guenther,  At Home in the World:  A Rule of Life for the Rest of Us

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