Sunday, September 13, 2020

Just be glad..........................

      The great soul is always in search of ways and means for adding to the welfare of others.  But no way is better, greater or more far reaching than this — just be glad.

      Life becomes worth the living only when the living of life makes living more worthwhile for an ever increasing number.  It is only the joys we share that give happiness; it is only the thoughts we express that enrich our minds; it is only the strength we use in actual helpfulness that makes our souls strong.  Therefore, to add to the pleasures of others, is to add to our own pleasure; to add to the wealth and comfort of others is to add in like manner to our own.  This the great soul knows; and every soul is great that has learned to be glad regardless of what may come of go in the world.

     To be glad at all times is to be of greater service to mankind than any other thing that we can do.

-Christian D. Larson,  Just Be Glad:  Insights For Your Spiritual Journey

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