Tuesday, February 16, 2021

An imaginary museum...................

 Like many people with an interest in art, I carry an imaginary museum around in my head.  I change exhibitions frequently, not in any orderly way, adding new pieces and putting old ones in storage.  I throw away very little, so that the place, if it can be called that, is cluttered.  One of the pleasant attributes of an imaginary gallery is that it can be any size, and there is no maintenance or upkeep and  no worry about conservation.  Nothing costs anything.  If the pictures I put in it sometimes gain in value and sometimes decline, it is a matter of taste (call it whim, if your please)—my taste—and any arguments about it are between my taste today and my taste of yesterday.

     It is almost impossible not to put what is in my museum in categories—landscapes, genre, nudes, portraits or nonrepresentational, religious, mythical, still life, and decorative paintings.  Though I have some sculpture and some objets de vertu and a great many drawings, that is about it, except for a very few photographs and prints.  My museum doesn't tend towards "mulitples" of any sort.  It is a matter of playing favorites;  I am under no pressure to put something in my museum because some critic, or generations of connoisseurs and dilettantes, have declared it to be a masterpiece.  One generation's masterpiece can obviously be the next generation's colossal bore, which does not change the nature of the object in the least.

-Russell Lyne, Life In The Slow Lane:  Observations On Art, Architecture, Manners, And Other Such Spectator Sports

Here are a few things hanging in my imaginary gallery:

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