Saturday, June 11, 2022

Opening paragraphs............

      The blackest nighttime sky was suddenly shot through with powerful bolts of lightning that brightened the heavens and thundered like a lion making its presence known.  While the violent electrical thunderstorm raged on, displaying the undisputed power and mystery of nature, a young mother labored in a small, one-window room with wood-planked flooring to birth a child who would be called Nikola.  As she shook the bed, writhing in pain and joy, gale-force winds mercilessly battered manmade structures outside, while the midwife beside her was so frightened by the moment that she nervously said, "He'll be the child of the storm."  His mother responded insistently, "No, of light." (History suggests they were both correct, as the life of Nikola Tesla would prove to ride the storm of bipolar disorder while lighting the world both literally and figuratively with his genius.)

-Marko Perko and Stephen M. Stahl, Tesla: His Tremendous and Troubled Life

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