Sunday, December 11, 2022

exquisite tantalization.............

     The other night, I was having dinner with some friends in a fairly decent restaurant and was at the very peak of my form as a wit and raconteur.  But just as, with infinite and exquisite tantalization, I was approaching my punch line, the most incredible thing happened.  A waiter appeared from nowhere, leaned right over my shoulder and into the middle of the conversation, seized my knife and fork, and started to cut up my food for me.  Not content with this bizarre behavior, and without so much as a by-your-leave, he proceeded to distribute pieces of my entree onto the plates of the other diners.

     No, he didn't, actually.  What he did instead was to interrupt the feast of reason and flow of soul that was our chat, lean across me, pick up the bottle of wine that was in the middle of the table, and pour it into everyone's glass.  And what I want to know is this:  How did such a barbaric custom get itself established and why on earth do we put up with it? 

-Christopher Hitchens, Wine Drinkers of the World , Unite, from here

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