Sunday, February 18, 2024


 . . . religion and science are to human life what the right and left hemispheres are to the brain.  They perform different functions and if one is damaged, or if the connections between them are broken, the result is dysfunction. . . .

     Science is about explanation.  Religion is about meaning.  Science analyses, religion integrates.  Science breaks things down to their component parts.  Religion binds people together in relationships of trust. Science tells us what is.  Religion tells us what ought to be. Science describes.  Religion beckons, summons, calls.  Science sees objects.  Religion speaks to us as subjects.  Science practices detachment.  Religion is the art of attachment, self to self, soul to soul.  Science sees the underlying order of the physical world.  Religion hears the music beneath the noise.  Science is the conquest of ignorance.  Religion is the redemption of solitude.

-Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, The Great Partnership:  Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning

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