Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The mortgage interest deduction revisited......

Faithful readers will remember that this blog has long beseeched
the National Association of Realtors to show some leadership by
offering  up our industry's sacred cow for sacrifice- if, and it's a
big if, all other sacred cows become eligible for the chopping
block as well.  Our government and our economy have gotten all
gummed up by all the special treatments, subsidies, and other
assorted gimmies.  The time is ripe for some serious house
cleaning, but it is not likely to happen until somebody with some
serious skin in the game makes the first offer.  Who better than
the real estate industry?

Mathew Ferrara offers his two cents on the subject here.
Excerpt here:
       "Could eliminating the mortgage interest deduction
       create a stronger housing industry? Definitely, if you
       focus on the economics of the future, not the
       traditions of the past."

Isn't it about time we start focusing on building a better and
stronger future instead of spending all our energy merely
defending turf?

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