Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quotes worth pondering............

"If voters refuse to make sensible choices, sooner or later
they will lose the power to choose."
-Walter Russell Mead, from this essay on politics in Hungary

"Study yourself. It will be a life-long course."
-Michael Wade, from this blog post.

"The success factors seem to follow this rough outline:  
Prepare.  (Underscore prepare.) Know your material.  
Practice.  (Underscore practice.)  Keep it interesting – tell
human interest stories.  Be authentic – have a conversation.  
Stay within your allotted time line."
-David Kanigan, from this post about public speaking

"It was frustrating, frightening, and times revealing. Or as
I recently read, you don’t know what being strong is until
being strong is your only option."
-Jeff Kopito, from this post about being a cancer survivor.
If that experience is part of your world, do go visit this blog.

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