Tuesday, December 18, 2012

About the smartest thing I read yesterday..............

...........and if I may say so myself, most of the time I spend on the computer (when not rooting through old New Yorker cartoons) is reading stuff written by smart people............comes from our old friend Mathew Ferrara.  Do not let the brevity and simplicity lull you. This is important.

"But income isn’t the same as wealth."

The context for this quote is Ferrara's blog post Forget College: Buy a House Instead.  The general drift of his essay is that while some college graduates will undoubtedly out-earn most high school graduates, many of those same college graduates will be carrying significant debt loads upon graduation.  If your average high school graduate were to smartly invest those same tuition dollars in a home, or duplex, and work for four years, their net worth would be amazingly higher - and will likely stay that way.  Read the whole post.  It is a good one.  Having said that, my daughter, a high school senior, will probably be attending college next fall.

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