Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nurture your nature................

But do remember, most of us are born generalists.  There are prodigies of course:  those are the bell-curve extremities.  In any field they exist:  tax management, rock n' roll or being a cool town guide:  those whose gene combinations create something pretty rare.

For the majority of us though, we need to regularly remind ourselves that it's not nature or nurture.  It's nurture of your nature.  Work at stuff.   Work at everything until passions, loves and talents are revealed.  They won't be easy to decipher and despite exhortations to 'follow your passion' they won't be easy to identify amongst the smoke and mirrors of what you are paid to do, have to do, fancy doing and what is currently cool to do.  So work and work hard at everything you do because you are one of the few in your field who are astoundingly good at what you do:  you simply have to find that field.  And when you do, you receive the highest and most just reward for hard work and accomplishment of mastery.  Freedom.

-Nicholas Bate, as excerpted from You, Only Better:  Find Your Strengths, Be The Best And Change Your Life

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