Saturday, May 24, 2014

an intimate interdependence..............

     There is an intimate interdependence of intellect and morals.  Given the equality of two intellects, - which will form the most reliable judgments, the good or the bad hearted?  "The heart has it arguments, which the understanding in not acquainted."  For the heart is at once aware of the state of  health or disease, which is the controlling state, that is, of sanity or insanity, prior of course, to all question of the ingenuity of arguments, the amount of facts, or the elegance of rhetoric.  So intimate is this alliance of mind and heart, that talent uniformly sinks with character.  The bias of errors of principle carries away men into perilous courses, as soon as their will does not control their passion or talent.  Hence the extraordinary blunders, and final wrong head, into which men spoiled by ambition usually fall.  Hence the remedy for all blunders, the cure for blindness, the cure of crime, is love.  "As much love, so much mind," said the Latin proverb.  The superiority that has no superior;  the redeemer and instructor of souls, as it is their primal essence, is love.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson, as excerpted from the chapter Worship in The Conduct of Life

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