Sunday, May 18, 2014

Current assumptions............................

As the "genomic era" progresses,  some current assumptions about biology, evolution, and us human beings may be found faulty.  To wit:

"Human evolution did not cease thousands of years ago; it has been “recent, copious and regional”, in the words of Nicholas Wade, a veteran New York Times science writer and the author of A Troublesome Inheritancean eloquent but disturbing book on genes, race and human history, which was published last week.'

Not to worry, says our favorite optimist in this post.  Excerpt here:

"There is a big reason that racial differences in mental capacity will not matter a jot, however many we find. Human achievement is not, despite what professors like to think, the work of brilliant individuals. It is a collective phenomenon. Every technology, every idea, every institution is a combination of many people’s contributions. There is no single human being on the planet, as Leonard Read famously pointed out, who knows how to make a pencil, let alone the internet, the economy or the government."

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