Saturday, May 24, 2014


The philosopher Diogenes was sitting on a curbstone, eating bread and lentils for his supper.  He was seen by the philosopher Aristippus, who lived comfortably by flattering the king.
     Said Aristippus, "If you would learn to be subservient to the king, you would not have to live on lentils."
     Said Diogenes, "Learn to live on lentils, and you will not have to cultivate the king."

-as excerpted from Ernest Kurtz's and Katherine Ketcham's,  The Spirituality of Imperfection:  Storytelling and the Search for Meaning

If you believe the nice people at thinkexist, Aristippus also said,  “The art of life lies in taking pleasures as they pass, and the keenest pleasures are not intellectual, nor are they always moral.”

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