Sunday, June 29, 2014

I have long been a fan...................

................of Robert B. Parker's books.  He has created some great characters.  He carries a simple and communicable philosophy through all his writings (Life is messy, choices are good, accepting responsibility is paramount).  He writes 300 page books that you can read in less than two days, mostly by having lots of dialogue that has been described as "crackling" and "clipped" (and repetitive, but that is life too).  While moseying through the library last week I found Painted Ladies, a new-to-me Spenser novel. Oh, joy!   Here is a taste of Parker:

       I smiled.
      "Good-bye, Winifred," I said.
      "Thanks for the advice."
      "Which you won't take," she said.
      She stood and came around the desk.  She we wearing a skirt.  Her legs were great.  I stood.   She put out her hand.  I took it.
      "Be careful," she said.
      "Within reason,"  I said.
      "Most of us, I suppose, do what we must, more than what we should," she said.
      "Sometimes they overlap," I said.
      "Perhaps," she said.
      We shook hands, and I left.  I was glad her legs were great.

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