Tuesday, July 1, 2014


“In a full bottle of whisky are all the aspirations of mankind, and in an empty one are all the failures of man.”
- Mike Drury

If by whisky you mean Scotch, you will probably want to read Jeffrey Polet's Whisky Tales.  A few wee excerpts:

"If you sip a whisky and it causes puckering or shuddering or burning, there is something inherently wrong with it. A good dram will gently wash over your palate, engaging all your senses of taste. It will bloom in your mouth, not explode. In it you can taste the peculiarities of its place of origin: the quality of the water, the unique strains of barley, the smokiness of the peat, even the shape of the still will all work together to create a unique, often non-replicable, taste."

"The flux of existence can’t be resolved by trying to fix the essence of something so that it never changes and is always ready-to-hand. A living thing can’t be grasped. We can’t sip the same dram twice."

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