Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As the old coach said...................... is all about blocking and tackling - the basics.  Friend Spengler believes we have lost our way, and the Chinese have found it.  Full post here.  A few interesting bits here:

China is succeeding despite many problems (including authoritarian administration) because the Chinese are working very hard ... And they have an army of millions of highly competent people coming into the labor market. That’s what we should worry about ... The Chinese work much, much harder than we do and learn more math and science (not to mention classical music: an estimate 50 million Chinese kids learn instruments).

We no longer have a tech sector: we have consumer electronics monopolies run by patent trolls whose job is to crush innovation. 

 Don’t get me wrong: I think America is best in the world at what we do, when do we it, that is, which we aren’t doing now. 

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