Friday, July 24, 2015

Lessons learned................................

    "The point is, in business you shouldn't self-destruct just because the other side takes a surprisingly aggressive attitude.  Don't let personalities scare you away - because in a lifetime you are going to be selling to a lot of obnoxious people.  Stay focused on your goals and stay in the game."
-Mark McCormack

I grew up in a conflict adverse household.  As a result, confrontation has often been difficult for me and there was a time I would go to great - and not helpful - lengths to avoid it.   Then there was this client about ten years ago who, in a bit of pique,  slammed his fist on our conference table and got fairly red-in-the-face mad at me.  Trapped, it was a confrontation I could not avoid.  Just had to hang in there.  At meeting's end, a half hour later, you might have thought he was my best friend.  I learned a great lesson that day.  Some conflicts cannot be avoided, and that is just OK.

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