Sunday, July 19, 2015


    My wife and I were buying groceries one day, and I was on one side of the store and she was on the other, and over a shelf of breakfast cereal and cake mix I said, "Don't forget the cream," and she said, "All right, but don't forget you're trying to lose weight," and I said, "Oh well, you only live once."  and then it happened, this thing that broke for a moment through my deafness.  The store was nearly empty so that the woman at the checkout counter had no trouble hearing us.  It was a hot, muggy afternoon, and she had been working hard all day and looked flushed and hectic there behind her cash register and the racks of Life Savers and chewing gum and TV guides, and when I said, "Oh well, you only life once," she broke into the conversation , and what she said was, "Don't you think once is enough?"

-Frederick Buechner,  The Hungering Dark

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