Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wondering what PETA's position is on this....

Despite what you may have heard, organic foods are not pesticide-free. They just eschew synthetic pesticides for “organic” pesticides, whose ingredients occur naturally. Copper and sulfur, for instance. No matter the ingredients, though, all pesticides are used for the same thing: to commit pesticide. Which is to say, to kill small, hungry animals. Animals like aphids, caterpillars, moths, worms, flies, locusts - even birds, and some mice and rats who’ve escaped pharmaceutical labs. 

As a rule, if you can’t control pests, you can’t produce produce on a profitable scale. So next time you go to buy fruit and vegetables  -  or bread or beer or tofu or sugar - remember that many, many lives were lost bringing them to market.

-As excerpted from this post:  Vegans have no idea how much animal cruelty they’re responsible for.

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