Saturday, April 7, 2018


      Like everything else with the Old School, it seemed prudent to abandon the old electrical service and begin anew.  A decision was made early in the game to opt for an underground connection from pole-mounted transformers.  The building was previously served by pole-mounted overhead lines.  Given that the building is "all electric" and has an elevator, three-phase power was a requirement.   (Us history majors learned early in the business to recognize the presence of three-phase power by counting the number of transformers on a pole.)   While public utilities are often complained about, the service provided to us by AEP has been timely and first rate.  We now have new service:

Last fall we trenched for the underground service

Conduits were laid from the pole to the building in preparation

A crew from AEP prepares to make the new connection

The old overhead service is visible in the background

AEP had set this new pole and placed the three transformers
on it about four months ago in preparation for this day

Making the connection

Having successfully made the pole "hot," our friends from
AEP drive off.  Thanks guys.

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