Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A politician's pledge.................

      As the nation mourned the loss of its leader and grappled with its third presidential murder in just thirty-six years, young Theodore Roosevelt took hold of the government with unbridled self-assurance.  He promptly issued what one biographer called "a solemn pledge" to be "one in purpose" with his predecessor.  "In this hour of deep and terrible bereavement," said the new president, "I wish to state that I shall continue absolutely unbroken the policy of President McKinley for peace, prosperity, and the honor of the country."  Within twenty-four hours, however, Roosevelt demonstrated that his pledge wasn't so solemnly given after all.  It seems fear of a stock market swoon contributed more to his expression than any sincere regard for the dead leader or the mandate he had extracted from the voters.

-Robert W. Merry,  President McKinley:  Architect of the American Century

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