Tuesday, January 29, 2019

This too sounds familiar .............

     The war debate turned nasty when McKinley supporters blamed anti-imperialists for energizing Aguinaldo's cause even in the face of repeated defeats.  General Joseph Wheeler, now serving in Manila and sending the president back-channel assessments, said it was "fearful to think of American soldiers being killed by ignorant half savages who are encouraged to do so by expressions of American citizens."  Thomas Platt, in a provocative statement, accused antiwar Americans of taking "immoderate satisfaction" at America's military difficulties and deceiving Aguinaldo's forces into thinking McKinley's political opponents would win the next election and grant Philippine independence.  In this view, Aguinaldo's aim wan't necessarily to win battles but merely to hold on long enough to undermine American war support.

-Robert W. Merry,   President McKinley:  Architect of the American Century

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