Saturday, January 19, 2019


     Reviewing your resources from time to time is vital, for it allows you to take stock and to live in the truth.  But it also helps you make the resources you do have into something special.  It is a point of spiritual strength to give thanks for what you have.   There is a tendency for our imaginations to live constantly in the future, concentrating on what we don't have and completely forgetting to acknowledge what has been acquired or achieved.  Where you are and what you are right now has to be made right, even if you don't like it that much.  Nevertheless, it is you,  By criticizing and negating the current circumstances, what you are saying is that you are not okay.  What is around you is only an extension of who you are.  Look at those things and realize that they are what they are, imperfect though they may be.  By accepting the truth, you propel yourself into better circumstances.  By resisting, you live in the constant negativity of your own dissatisfaction.  Who needs that?

-Stuart Wilde,  The Trick To Money Is Having Some

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