Sunday, January 20, 2019


      Most of us postpone a decision hoping that Jesus will get weary of waiting and the inner voice of Truth will get laryngitis.  Thus, the summons of the crisis parables remains suspended in a state of anxiety, so long as we opt neither for nor against the new dimension of living open to us.  Our indecision creates more problems than it solves.  Indecision means we stop growing for an indeterminate length of time;  we get stuck.  With the paralysis of analysis, the human spirit begins to shrivel.  The conscious awareness of our resistance to grace and the refusal to allow God's love to make us who we really are brings a sense of oppression.  Our lives become fragmented, inconsistent, lacking in harmony and out of sync.  The worm turns.  The felt security of staying in a familiar place vanishes.  We are caught between a rock and hard place.   How do we resolve this conundrum?
      We don't.

-Brennan Manning,  The Ragamuffin Gospel

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  1. The great Brennan Manning. My brother-in-law, a terrific man, asked Mr. Manning to lunch with him in New Orleans where they both lived. He enjoyed it very much. E.