Friday, January 25, 2019


Ironically, churches today seem to be driving themselves mad to compete with television, movies, and the Internet: supercharged sound systems, better bands, more charismatic characters.  However, there are some things that the Web has not even come close to duplicating: a comforting touch on a shoulder, a sympathetic squeeze of the hand, a reassuring hug.
     The very act of touching is a miracle.  Touch connect us to the other.  Touch transmits and affirms humanity.  Touch welcomes.  Touch says, "You are not alone."  Touch declares the other's equality with all God-image beings.  Ultimately, the holy touch of godly people can erase a lifetime of isolation, rejection, and daily sentencing to society's margins.  Touch validates.  Touch is love.

-Tony Kriz,  Neighbors and Wise Men:  Sacred Encounters In A Portland Pub and Other Unexpected Places

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