Friday, September 27, 2013

Economic development, the old fashioned way....

Extremely faithful readers of this blog will remember the tale told of Southgate Corporation back in March. Southgate commenced construction of a 50,000 square foot speculative industrial building last winter.  In the March post, I opined that Southgate would likely find a user for the building before the year was out, and that maybe 50 new jobs were in the offing.  The word on the street is that they have found an unidentified user. It now seems that word is accurate, as workers today were busy making tenant improvements.  No word on the number of potential new hires. For those of us interested in economic development, this is very cool.

freshy completed spec 50,000 square foot industrial building

tenant improvements being added

the site of some new jobs

Now for more good news.  Buoyed by their apparent success with the above pictured speculative industrial building, Southgate has begun construction of a second spec industrial building.  These buildings are not inexpensive to build and hold.  The faith that Southgate is showing in our community is immense.  Thanks guys.

just getting started on a new 50,000 square foot building

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